Be Germ Free While Keeping Your Child Chemical Free

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Almost every week there is a news story talking about the harm being done by chemicals found in products. Most moms work diligently to avoid as many chemicals as possible in the foods and products they use. This has led several moms to question the use of certain products which can be keeping your child healthy. One of these products is hand sanitizer. What many moms do not know is there are options to still be able to keep clean and safe using this type of product which are free of harmful chemicals. Read on more about why it is a healthy practice to use hand sanitizer and how to find ones which are chemical free.

Be Germ Free While Keeping Your Child Chemical Free

Reason for the Trend

Mothers these days are much more knowledgeable about issues regarding children’s health than any other generation of mothers before them. They know more about health issues than many medical professionals did just a few decades ago. This has caused there to be a widespread trend in mothers making more health conscious decisions in every aspect of their lives. From housewives, working mothers to celebrities, issues such as household chemical awareness is now a part of their daily lives. T.V. series Bones star, Emily Deschanel is a major advocate of chemical free products for children per a report by the Mother Nature Network. She strictly uses such chemical and toxin free products in her home and on her new baby. She is an example of the mindset of this generation of mothers.

All of this awareness is what has caused several product manufactures to redirect their efforts introducing chemical free products. Now concerned mothers, who want to be chemical free, have more options to choose from. The vast availability of these products, such as chemical free hand sanitizer, has also helped increase this healthy trend.

Scientific Evidence

A study was conducted with families in the Greater Boston area regarding hand sanitizer. Half of almost 300 families were given hand sanitizer to use on a regular basis over a period of time. These families had a 59% reduction in the spread of gastricintestinal, or GI, illnesses.This study was reported in Science Daily. Another study showed that there is a decrease in school absenteeism due to illness with children who come from homes where hand sanitizer is used regularly. The findings of this study are offered by The Cleaning Institute. The handsanitizers which were used in the studies had a minimum of a 60% or highervolume of alcohol.

Use Outside of the Home

Families these days spend a great deal of time outside of the home. This means that the mothers who carry hand sanitizer with them in their cars or in their purses are equipping themselves with a powerful tool to keep their families healthy and safe. Hand sanitizer can be used in the car or the soccer field before the eating of snacks. It can also be used when children touch or handle things which are germ laden. This type of use of hand sanitizer when proper hand washing facilities are unavailable is supported by an education report produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Instilling Good Habits

When mothers make a practice of using clean and healthy products with their kids they are doing much more than just keeping them healthy now. Children who have this type of behavior instilled in them at home are more likely to practice healthy habits outside of the home when they are away from families. These children are also more likely to grow up and make healthy practices part of their daily lives for years to come.

Where to find Chemical Free Options

In response to so many mothers seeking chemical free products to use in their homes, many manufactures have started selling versions of chemical free hand sanitizer. Some of the healthier versions do not kill as many germs as traditional hand sanitizers do. Others have a tendencyto dry out the skin more than other options. These issues can make some moms frustrated and willing to just stop using hand sanitizers. This is an extreme measure which can be avoided with the right chemical free product. The Honest Company has developed a hand sanitizer which is chemical free and kills as many germs as their chemical laded counterparts. The hand sanitizer offered at, also contains natural moisturizers which do not dry out the hands of those who use it regularly.

Knowing the many health benefits of hand sanitizer can make mothers feel confident in their use of this product in and outside of their home. Knowing that there are extremely effective, high quality chemical free versions of hand sanitizer can help mothers feel more at ease.

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