8 Foods Rich In Beneficial Bacteria

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Beneficial bacteria play an extremely important role to our health. They can protect the balance of microorganisms in the intestinal tract. In addition, they also help enhance the intestinal health and improve the resistance.

1.        Cheese

Not all cheeses contain good beneficial bacteria, but some kinds of fermented soft cheeses such as cheddar cheese, Swiss cheeses contain many good ones. Beneficial bacteria in the cheese can survive in the intestinal tract.

These cheeses are made ​​from lactic acid bacteria fermented for days, weeks or even years; this process also creates the probiotics (beneficial bacteria). Some dry white soft cheeses that are labeled "active substances" also contain beneficial bacteria.

2.        Butter

This kind of food is not processed from the fermentative process. It is created by lactic acid fermentation and beneficial bacteria.

But you need to understand: When you process butter, you can kill beneficial bacteria in it; so, if you use it for baking, it will be useless. Eat directly or eat with salad and process it into a condiment.

Description: Butter


3.        Wine

Like pistachios, wine contains the prebiotics (probiotics) to help beneficial bacteria in your body get the nutrients.

According to many studies, if you drink 2 glasses of wine every day, the amount of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract will increase significantly after 4 weeks. Wine contains plenty of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants and wine extracts can be the cause of nutritional supplements for beneficial bacteria.

4.        Soybean

Soy sauce which is a product made from soybeans has more aromatic taste than tofu and contains twice the amount of protein.

Nutrition experts said that organic or non-GMO labeled soybeans would be better for you. The genetically modified soybeans can cause allergies, inflammations, and even increase the risk of cancer; they can also be sprayed pesticides.

5.        Kombucha

The natural food stores or grocery stores sell bottled or jarred Kombucha. It has the taste of berry, ginger and mango and people add sugar through the fermentation of yeast and bacteria, so it also has the taste of the natural soda.

Although many people think that it can treat many diseases, this has not yet been certified by the study results. However, you can drink a cup of Kombucha to improve your health. Its amount of calorie is less half than conventional soda and the amount of sugar is only 1/4 of soda. Moreover, due to the fermentative process, this tea contains many beneficial bacteria that are good for the body.

Description: Kombucha


6.        Pistachio

Pistachio is the leading preferred choice of snack: Eat from 50g - 100g of pistachio every day can increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. Its seed only contains prebiotic.

7.        Kimchi

Kimchi appears in the daily menu more and more. It is not only good for health but also rich in vitamin and it can prevent the infectious diseases because it contains beneficial bacteria.

8.        Banana, Oat

These foods do not contain beneficial bacteria but contain plenty of prebiotics. They belong to the complex sugars. The most important thing is that they stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria, rather than potentially harmful bacteria.

Description: Bananas


These dishes can be the tasty breakfast. They can help supplement nutrients for beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract, enhancing the intestinal health.

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