Dos And Don’ts Of Eating During Pregnancy (part 1) - What you should do

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Eating sweets during pregnancy is necessary but you should stop at the moderate level.

Eating is one of the factors that decide the health of the mother during pregnancy, as well as the baby. However, many mothers don’t care about the diet; they even continue their unhealthy way of eating.

I have just given birth to my third child for about 8 months, my first-born is 15 years old. After 3 times of pregnancy, I have accumulated some knowledge about nutrition for mother and baby. According to what I’ve found out, the today’s scientific studies show that a nutritious and healthy diet during pregnancy will help the child develop healthily, prevent many diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and many types of cancer. It’s not difficult to do so, pregnant women just need to follow the “should” and “shouldn’t” formulas as follows:

What you should do

First, choose foods having more than one uses.

There’re lots of foods that are extremely familiar and easy to find, and also provides a diversified, rich nutrition, such as chicken, beef, egg, dairy products, yoghurt, peanut butter. These are foods that supplement protein, calcium and iron for the development of the fetus. So, during pregnancy, I normally prefer the lean meat, beef as they’re rich in protein as well as vitamin B, iron and zinc, at the same time, I drink lots of orange juice to supplement folate (a kind of vitamin B that prevents neural tube defects) and vitamin C (help to absorb iron from food). Besides, whole-grain cereal contains lots of fiber, vitamin B, magnesium and zinc, which is an ingredient that should be preferred when cooking.

Description: There’s lots of food that’s very familiar and easy to find and also provides a diversified, rich nutrition.

There’s lots of food that’s very familiar and easy to find and also provides a diversified, rich nutrition.

Second, don’t think that you need to eat for two.

I saw that lots of pregnant women having in their mind that they should eat a lot, with a thought of “eating for two”. My mother always encourages me: “you should eat as much as you can, as this part is for you, and that part is for by grandson!” In fact, pregnant women just need to supplement an extra amount of 300 calories each day when they’re in the second and third trimester. According to an expert in mother’s and baby’s health, pregnant women are just as regular people, they just need to eat until they’re no longer hungry, shouldn’t eat until they feel full. Eating too much leads to excessive nutrition, which causes high blood pressure and gestational diabetes”.

Third: keep the reasonable meal structure with:

Nine portions of cereal (bread, rice, noodles …)

·         2-3 portions of protein-rich food: meat, poultry, fish, bean, egg and nuts

·         4 portions of vegetable

·         3 portions of fruit

·         3 portions of milk, yoghurt and cheese.

Fourth, stay away from dangerous foods.

I was very surprised as many pregnant women ate unhealthy foods such as uncooked or rare foods (raw fish salad, raw fish, poached eggs, fermented pork roll…or fast food without knowing where it comes from and foods containing lots of preservative substance. This is taboo as raw food may contain bacteria and parasite, a high level of which may cause serious infection, resulting in miscarriage, preterm labor or stillbirth. To minimize these risks, pregnant women should use cooked food, boiled water and reheat all the leftovers. At the same time, avoid food that contains or you doubt it may contain unhealthy components.

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