5 of Rita Ora’s Top Makeup Application Tips

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British singer Rita Ora has already carved out a name for herself, not just as a musician, but as a style and beauty icon. Already with a Rimmel collaboration under her belt, Rita knows more than just a few tips and tricks when it comes to applying perfect makeup. Known for her signature red lips, Rita loves to experiment with makeup and enjoys standing out for her cutting edge choices. Here are 5 of her best tips for applying makeup flawlessly.


1.      She Creates a Healthy Base

Rita looks after her skin's health and makes sure it's hydrated before applying makeup. She lists the products she uses: "The most important thing to do is use SPF and make sure your skin is staying hydrated with a great moisturising cream, lip balm, night cream and eye serum."


2.      She Treats Dark Bags

She uses a serum under her eyes to treat her dark bags before concealing them: "I’m very conscious about the dark bags under my eyes so I’m always using a serum. I love the one by Fresh at the moment. I love how they use real rose petals and how, well, fresh it truly feels—it really lives up to its name.”


3.      She Doesn’t Skip Primer

Rita adds primer before foundation and adds a touch of shimmer for a quick glow: "I use a bit of Laura Mercier primer and then I put on Nars shimmer so my face has a glow. You can put it all over your face and if you don’t have much time it’s just great."



4.      She Has Mastered Lipstick Application

She loves the lipstick she designed for Rimmel and says it helps her to precisely apply thanks to the pen shape: "It’s a pen form, so I don’t need to worry about it getting on my teeth because [regular lipstick] does get on my teeth. It’s the worst. And then you’re smiling with so much confidence and someone says, ‘Excuse me…’ It’s like when someone says your breathe smells!”


5.      Makeup is Part of Her Style

Rita uses makeup to add to her style: "Some people are intimidated to wear a bold lip or eye, but I think it's nice to stand out. I was such a tomboy as a kid; I was on the football team. But now I love dressing up and putting on makeup. What I'm really proud of is being able to put lipstick on without a mirror."

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