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We all feel livelier and healthier during summer, but do you wish you could keep that feeling going all year? Here’s some newest advices from experts to raise energy and tackle health glitches

Five days to feel energized

1.    Day 1: Eat two kiwi fruit

Researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand found that doing so boosted mood and energy in a group of otherwise healthy folk. According to Professor Margreet Vissers, the fruit’s high vitamin C content helps activate the enzymes in your body that produce energy.

2.    Day 2: Avoid wheat

Dr John Briffa explains, “Sensitivity to wheat frequently manifests as fatigue. If you’re knocked out in the afternoon, it might be to do with the sandwich you had at lunch.” For the next few days, avoid bread midday and see what happens to your afternoon energy.

Description: Avoid bread midday and see what happens to your afternoon energy

Avoid bread midday and see what happens to your afternoon energy

3.    Day 3: Take a morning walk

Light in the morning is the number-one way to boost your energy throughout the day. Plus, it might help you to control your weight. New research from the US has found that the more bright light people were exposed to between the hours of 6am and 9am, the lower their BMI. They don’t know exactly why, but it might be related to lower levels of appetite hormones.

4.    Day 4: Fat fuel your coffee

There’s no doubt that coffee wakes you up, but it can cause energy crashes a few hours later. “Adding a little fat helps stop that jittery feeling it can cause and prevents energy lows,” says holistic health guru Paul Check. Milk won’t work because it contains sugar – so try your coffee black with a teaspoon of coconut oil; admittedly an acquired taste, but some love it!

Description: Try your coffee black with a teaspoon of coconut oil

Try your coffee black with a teaspoon of coconut oil

5.    Day 5: Breathe

“The air we breathe contains only 21 per cent oxygen – so we need to breathe well to maximise intake,” says breath coach Caroline Kremer. Caroline suggests this move a few times a day: “Purse your lips and slowly exhale fully by gently blowing out. At the bottom of the breath, pause, then let your body just breathe in deeply. Repeat for one or two minutes.”

Little, often and focused with the exercise formula that boosts health

While you need to do 30 minutes of movement a day for good health, the idea that you need to do one long burst is no longer the case. Scientists have determined that “exercise snacking” – where you do three ten-minute bursts of exercise a day – can have the same health benefits as one long session. In fact, latest research from New Zealand scientists says that even just doing one minute of a fast move such as star jumps before meals could dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes.

Here’s how to do it...

·         Little aim for sessions that last from one to ten minutes.

·         Often you need to tot up a total of 30 minutes throughout the day.

·         Focused! This is key. Just ambling to the kettle won’t work. You really need to get out of puff. Take brisk walks, climb the stairs, go for short runs – and ideally, add a couple of one-minute bursts where you work as hard as you can doing something such as star jumps or jogging on the spot*. That was what got results in the recent New Zealand trials.

*See your GP before starting any kind of high-intensity exercise routine

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