9 Bad Habits That Can Cause Miscarriage

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You should check again your habits that canaffect babies badly or not.

When women aren’t pregnant, they can beprejudiced to eat raw food, exercise strongly, drink coffee and even drinkwine. However, when you prepare to become future mother and have a youngperson, you should be very careful, control habits and avoid unfortunateconsequences that can happen and the worst case is miscarriage. Mothers shouldrefer and prevent.

1.     Eating raw foods

In the past, if women are followers of rawfood such as noodle soup with rare beef, raw fish sushi, they should give upuntil babies are born healthily.

Foods that are undercooked contain manykinds of bacteria such as E. Coli, listeria, campylobacter, salmonella that cancause miscarriage, premature birth and still birth. You should remember thatyou only eat foods that are cooked well-done. Besides, if fresh milk isn’tunpasteurized, you shouldn’t use because milk contains listeria bacterium thatcan increase the risk of miscarriage.

2.     Rubbing womb in pregnancy

Many pregnant women think that rubbing wombmeans that they are fondling, comforting and coddling baby, so they often rub.Some other women are afraid of cracked skin, so they use kinds of skin cream torub, massage carefully to make cream absorb deeper, protect skin moreeffective. However, they don’t know that this thing will affect abdominal walland it can lead to fetal derangement because of shrink of womb.

However, this thing doesn’t mean that youcannot rub womb. You can rub smoothly without tightening strongly. In addition,you shouldn’t rub in a long time and many times in a day. In the past, if womenthat used to have fetal derangement, miscarriage…, you shouldn’t rub and flapwomb.

In pregnancy, rubbing belly will affect fetus.

Inpregnancy, rubbing belly will affect fetus.

3.     Walking

Many people believe that walking a lot willhelp birth become more easily. In reality, if you walk too much, you can createpressure for hipbone and belly. As a result, it can lead to premature birth,especially to women that have opened womb.

Therefore, pregnant women can begin topractice smoothly, walk slowly without making every effort.

You aren’t allowed to attend sports thathave strong exercise. Using a lot of strength, carrying heavy things, a lot ofphysical activities can be harmful to health.

4.     Eating and drinking cold food

In reality, in pregnancy, temperature ofpregnant women is higher than normal a little. If you are in hot summer,pregnant women will feel tired and uncomfortable. At that time, if they drink acup of cold water or eat ice cream to be antifebrile, this is a wonderfulthing. It is habit of many pregnant women. However, in pregnancy, this eatingand drinking type isn’t good for babies.

With hot temperature, if you accidentallyprovide your body with cold foods and drinks, blood vessels in belly and wombwill shrink and as a result, it will affect fetus badly. Consequently, expertsadvise pregnant women to limit to eat ice cream and drink cold water.

5.     Eating a lot of green papaw, pineapple and bitter melon

In reality, these foods are rich innutrients and they are good for body. However, they have opposite effect to pregnantwomen. According to many researches, overusing green papaw, pineapple andbitter melon in pregnancy can make pregnant women suffer from miscarriage.

Papaw (especially green papaw), pineappleand bitter melon contain a lot of beautiful women stimulants that can easilychange hormone in mothers’ body in pregnancy, so pregnant women should rememberto limit about using these foods.

6.     Using herbal remedy uncontrolledly

Kinds of herbal remedy such as cumin tea,daisy tea, Liquorice tea, raspberry tea are considered to have effect instimulating womb to prepare for contraction of uterine and giving birth.Therefore, using these kinds of tea in pregnancy can lead to miscarriage andpremature birth. Pregnant women should refer to idea of specialized doctorsbefore providing any foods or drinks for body. As a result, you will be thesafest in pregnancy.

7.     Tea and coffee

Both tea and coffee contain caffeine thathas bad effect on development of fetus. In pregnancy, mothers, especially mothersthat work in office and familiar with working with a cup of tea or coffee, shouldgive up this habit. Especially, in the first 3 month, when gestation periodisn’t stable, you shouldn’t drink tea or coffee.

Both tea and coffee contain caffeine that has bad effect on the development of fetus.

Bothtea and coffee contain caffeine that has bad effect on the development offetus.

8.     Not eating cat apple

Cat apple has high value of nutrient. Ithelps digest food and is used as appetizer. It is both sour and sweet that issuitable with pregnant women, especially for pregnant women that are in morningsickness period. However, pregnant women shouldn’t eat it a lot. According toresearch of modern medicine, cat apple can make womb become excite, it canimpulse womb to pulsate. The serious case can lead to miscarriage and prematurebirth.

9.     Not eating hot and peppery spices

Some kinds of spice such as cumin, anise,peppercorn, cinnamon and chili, fried foods or foods that are hot features areharmful to women in pregnancy. Although they are delicious and easy to eat, butthey reduce the excretion of digestive system and easily make water in bowellose. As a result, it leads to constipation. Appearance of constipation makespregnant women have difficulty in going to toilet and increasing pressure ofabdomen, oppressing fetus in womb and making them feel comfortable. In a longtime, this thing will make fetus not develop normally. In addition, pregnantwomen will easily suffer from miscarriage and breaking amniotic fluid easily,premature birth and some other bad consequences.

Chili is one of spices that aren’t good for pregnant women.

Chiliis one of spices that aren’t good for pregnant women.

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