Outgoing Sony Pictures chief to stay on coveted projects

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Ms Amy Pascal may be giving up the Sony Pictures crown, but she is keeping the jewels.

In a deal announced on Monday, she will join the producing team for Sony's most important film property - the Spider-Man series - when she steps down as the chairman of the studio's movie operation in May.

Landing the franchise ranks her alongside Hollywood's top producers.

She is also expected to join the producing team of the studio's high-profile Ghostbusters remake, said people briefed on her exit package who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

She is expected to tackle Cleopatra, an epic starring Angelina Jolie, which has long gestated at Sony; a project involving Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code; a Little Women adaptation; and a liveaction Barbie movie.

Over the longer term, she is looking at Broadway projects that include adaptations of Tootsie, Groundhog Day and This Is It, a 2009 Sony documentary that followed rehearsals for Michael Jackson's planned comeback concerts.

Sony also said Mr Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, owned by the Walt Disney Co, would join Ms Pascal in producing the next Spider-Man film - a type of insurance policy, given his recent string of hit movies, that the series will regain its creative footing after mediocre results for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 last year. As yet untitled, the movie will be released in July 2017.

Andrew Garfield, who played the title character in the last two instalments and who has expressed an interest in moving on, will not return.

Together, the deals with Ms Pascal and Marvel signify a structural transition at Sony, which was struggling with uneven box-office results long before it suffered a devastating cyber attack in November.

Like other studios, it will become less an operation run by an auteur chief - for the past 18 years, Ms Pascal - and more a federation of powerful film-making arms competing for coveted release dates.

Whoever succeeds her will have to play mediator among the fiefs. Ms Pascal, lured by the attractive new deal and drained by the pressures and embarrassment of the hacking crisis, announced her departure last week.

Mr Thomas Rothman, former chief executive of Fox Filmed Entertainment, is now in charge of Sony's rejuvenated TriStar division. Mr Jeff Robinov recently brought his Studio 8, financed by China's Fosun Group, to Sony after leaving his post as the top movie executive at Warner Bros.

Another Sony division dedicated to lower-budget urban comedies and horror films, Screen Gems, is run by Clint Culpepper.

Rothman and Robinov have only just started to assemble what are expected to be dozens of films that - alongside the contributions of Pascal - will shape Sony's creative signature for much of the next decade. They have already announced plans to work together on Lee Ang's Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, an Iraq War veteran story.

Ms Pascal's presence on so many films will inevitably crowd producers who might otherwise have had her slot.

While there is a long history in Hollywood of departing studio chiefs cherry- picking their producing projects, the extremely wide latitude being given to Ms Pascal has already started some grumbling in the film industry's producing ranks.

In addition to Spider-Man, she is moving towards some film projects with messy histories. Infighting over Cleopatra became public last December, when private e-mail messages stolen by hackers and published online revealed a vitriolic exchange between Ms Pascal and producer Scott Rudin over Jolie's involvement.

Barbie has also encountered difficulties. Sony acquired rights to the Mattel doll after Universal tried, and failed, to find a way to match the perfectly pert Barbie persona to a film with contemporary sensibilities.

Her exit deal, among the richest in Hollywood history, will guarantee her income of between US$30 million and US$40 million (S$40.6 million and S$54.2 million) over four years, said people briefed on its terms.

Her package also includes a percentage of profits on movies she produces and roughly US$9 million annually for office costs and discretionary acquisition of scripts.

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