Parks series ends with warm group hug

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On the final of series of the parks and recreation, one of the more pleasant losers of the exposure finally repaired with a book of bestseller of council entitled failure of _: An example of American success. This joke has a second rebound.

The sitcom of NBC, which held the leading role Amy Poehler as a burning civil servant devoted and feminist in Pawnee, Indiana, was never a giant of estimates, but they had to follow well deserved. It lasted seven seasons of _and was very funny and soft Tuesday evening completion at its end.

It was a celebration of workplace friendships and well-meaning underdogs that lived up to its promise: The series finale, which kept flashing forward, lovingly tied up loose ends without undoing the bond among the show’s core characters.

Poehler’s Leslie Knope was always an improbable sitcom heroine, a fiercely ambitious, hardworking, happy and, by Season 5, happily married city bureaucrat who actually wants to help people, and is pilloried for it.

A running joke of the series was how little the citizens and local media of Pawnee appreciate her: In Season 6, she lost her post on the City Council to a recall, and had to return to the city parks department.

Poehler, an alumna of Saturday Night Live and several movies, was already a star when the show began in 2009. But Parks And Recreation gave other young comic actors a chance to prove themselves.

Chris Pratt, who played the happily ignorant Andy, went on to star in one of last year’s biggest movies, Guardians Of The Galaxy. Aziz Ansari, who played Tom, the sleazy would-be entrepreneur who finally makes his fortune by using his Pawnee colleagues as models in his book, Failure, and its sequel, Failing To Fail, forged a stand-up comedy career successful enough that he was able to do two shows at Madison Square Garden last October.

All the characters were funny and well imagined, but Aubrey Plaza was particularly memorable as April, the unpleasant, uncooperative and deadpan office intern who kept being promoted.

The show did not end too soon. It was running out of steam and this seventh season, which was set in 2017, involved a frantic scramble to manufacture friction between Leslie and her office soulmate Ron (Nick Offerman), a libertarian who did not believe that the government should have anything to do with parks or recreation.

Nobody died on the finale of the show, except Garry, also known as Jerry (Jim O’Heir), a notary public and Pawnee’s most bumbling bureaucrat. In a flash to the year 2048, Garry dies after celebrating his 100th birthday following many happy years as mayor of Pawnee, surrounded by his wife (Christie Brinkley), children and grandchildren.

It was made clear that Leslie, who worshipped former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was headed for higher office. Asked if she would run for governor of Indiana, she turned rhapsodic, saying:

“Someone’s been reading my kindergarten dream journal.”

The show ended with a blooper reel and a warm group hug. Real life does not always provide such happy endings. Harris Wittels, 30, one of the series’ writers and executive producers, died last week, apparently of an overdose. The final frame of the finale was a written message: “We love you, Harris.”

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